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Relief Direct for Destitute
No.8 Kittul Road,Kudiyiruppu,Vavuniya,Sri Lanka


Contact Phone Numbers: Kannan 0094 771578626,   Kapil :0094 772260469

Registered as a Voluntary Social services/Non Governmental Organization Rg. No.V/DL/28

Founder Members : Dr.K.B.Sreetharan,T.Nadesalingam,Rv.C.N.Ravishankar,N.Kapilnath,Dr.P.Yogananth,
                        R.Mohanachandran,S.Balanathan,K.Athy,S.Sritharan,Dr.S.Damian ,Dr.S.Sivadas

Bank Details : COMMERCIAL BANK,   Ac.No : 1610047135
     Station Road ,
Swift code : CCEYLKLX 

The history and the activities of Relief Direct for Destitute

Relief direct for Destitute is a Humanitarian foundation of several church groups and individuals who got together in Feb 2009 to fulfil the needs of the IDP patients arriving in thousands at the Vavuniya General Hospital.

Our main activity was to supply the IDPs with basic needs such as nutrition, Hygienic articles and various other things such as Mats, plates and cups.

Our volunteers from the partner group was involved in Social care of the IDPs and helping them during extreme psychological situation.
We were doing the advisory services to the IDPs during their stay in the hospitals.
We served the IDPs intensively from Feb2009 to Dec 2009 and we still continue our work as a registered NGO

Activities: Feb 2009 to Dec 2009

Methodist Church in Vavuniya, Sayee DevoteesToranto, MIFT Toronto, the Chamber of Commerce Vavuniya and several other individuals generously donated the milk powder and other food items for our distribution in Vavuniya General Hospital for the malnourished children and mothers. This service was extended to Pampaimadu and Poovarasankulam hospitals.

Boiled milk was distributed along with Samaposa balls around 9.30am daily in Vavuniya Hospital for the IDPs.

Hot Viva Drink mixed with full cream milk powder was distributed with biscuits at 3.30pm.

1200 IDP patients infected with chickenpox were getting treatment in Poovarasankulam hospital. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays we distributed buttermilk for the patients

Our volunteers were giving vitamin syrup and capsules with the advice of the Mos and nurses in ward 8 where patients with Typhoid and Hepatitis were getting treatment. This service was extended to Pampaimadu and Poovarasankulam hospitals.

Our volunteers organised the orderly distribution of Lunch Packets brought in by groups and individuals for the IDP patients coming to the OPD

The orderly distribution of NFRI articles that was given to us by the NGOs such as SLRC, UNHCR, Save the Children ,Methodist Church and individuals was done by our volunteers

Future operations planed by the organisation

1. Providing Medical Care, Health Care and Clinic Facilities for the destitute from less Developed   areas. Specially Eye Clinics.

2. Encouraging Higher and Basic education to the destitute with consultation and advice.
Assistance to the destitute students for university studies.

3 .To enhance the standard of life by promoting community participation in Economic Development at village level. To promote Agriculture ,Fisheries, Dairy and Poultry Farming and local Traditional Industries.


     Eye problem is at present a big problem in Vanni . The Resettled people are suffering from various Eye disorders. We concentrate in the eye clinic.  Vavuniya General Hospital is doing a wonderful service. We are partners in organising the clinics all over Vanni.

    Cataract is the main problem and Relief Direct is giving free intraocular lens for the Cataract surgery for the Vanni patients. During the clinics we test the students and the old and provide them with free spectacles. We are in need of funds to continue our service and we beg you to help us financially to help these poor people who deserve at least a proper eyesight.  Please do not hesitate to write to us if you have any questions.



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